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Glass Workshop


Start: 24.10.2020 11:00
Ende: 24.10.2020 16:00

SOUND EXPERIENCE with Yasser Almaamoun & Luke Holden
We are thrilled to hold a Multaka Workshop this year and to welcome back artist Yasser Almaamoun, who together with Luke Holden, will take us on a sound journey with glass! There are many ways to approach sculpting and creating installations, and this workshop will be a great way to explore mixing medias, including combining glass and sound. With responsibility for the environment at the fore front, we will address how we can reuse waste materials in our art.
When & where: October 24th 11 am at the Berlin Glas, e.V. Studio with artists Yasser Almaamoun and Luke Holden
Maximum number of participants: 10
The workshop is aimed at Arabic-speaking and all German / English-speaking Berliners!
This workshop is co-sponsored by Creative Europe and is FREE!
Signing up is on a first-come, first serve basis! To sign-up, send an email to: info@multaka.de
This workshop is geared for an experience of learning a new and exciting technique and meeting really awesome people, so come to the workshop with lots of ideas and don’t be afraid to try! Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
About the Artists:
Yasser Almaamoun is an architect and activist from Syria, living in Berlin since 2013. He completed his master degree from the HTW Berlin in “Construction and Real Estate Management”. After being awarded high honors for his thesis, Yasser now works at the same college. Since 2014, he has worked as a spokesperson for the campaign “Kindertransporthilfe” at the ZPS, and in 2016 joined the Multaka: Museum as Meeting Point Team. Yasser created a platform for young architects in Berlin, as well as working as a curator for the project Stadtlabor 2050.
Born 1995, Dublin Ireland. Luke Holden is a visual and sound artist primarily focusing with the medium of glass to present date. Exploring themes to do with our presentness of self in the contemporary world, he uses sound to focus our attention and plays with the noises we filter out or have grown to subdue in an attempt to momentarily reconnect us to time and place. Modern technology as we understand it is due to scientific advances in glass technology. Fiber optics, screens, glass devices that are supposed to connect us have also created a juxtapose position. Luke uses glass as a starting point to reengage present perception and to shed light into moments of engagement, whimsy or insignificant pleasure.