Women’s presentations

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“Women’s presentations in Islam and Christianity”

On the first day the participants took part in a two-hour museum tour in two different museums, each showing women’s presentations from Islamic and Christian art. The focus was on everyday life, the profession and the position of women in different eras. Paintings and sculptures of women who were especially impressed by their craftsmanship, their narrative quality, or their mysteriousness were photographed by the workshop team.

On the second day, these photographs became the inspiration for oral and creative work. Through self-made collages from various current magazines, catalogs and magazines, today’s women’s representations were compared with historical representations and their own image of women reflected.

“I came to this event, because I think it’s very interesting for me – as a woman – to study the history of how women were portrayed in different cultures: in my own culture and in the new culture, I’m currently living in. And also to meet other interesting women, who share my ideas and thoughts on women rights and gender. I enjoy it a lot and I look forward to this (…) and more and more workshops.” 

Lina (Workshop: “Women’s presentations in Islam and Christianity”)

“It’s a nice opportunity to get in touch with women especially or to be with women with different background. The exhibitions was very interesting. It showed some similarities and huge differences, how women were perceived or used in art. And I hope we could spend more time here, because I think it’s a topic you can discuss forever.” 

Hannah (Workshop: “Women’s presentations in Islam and Christianity”)

© Jean Baptiste Moussarie, Musik © Hazem Nassreddine