Multaka International Network

The Multaka International Network is a network of five different project and is operating in Germany, England, Italy and Switzerland. The network was created in the June 2019, as all members met in Berlin, Germany.

The network’s members are Multaka Berlin, Multaka Oxford, AMIR Project in Florence, Multaka Bern and the Initiative: Lucky who speaks Arabic in Turin. In total, these projects are active in 15 Museums around Europe, of which: The Museums of Islamic Art and the Ancient near East Museum in Pergamon Museum, The German historical Museum in Berlin, Bern Historical Museum, The University Museum of Oxford, Museo Egizio di Torino,  Museo Civico Archeologico e Area Archeologica/Fiesole, Museo Bandini/Fiesole, Museo e Giardino Primo Conti/Fiesole, Museo di Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze, Museo Novecento, Firenze, Museo degli Innocenti, Firenze. The total number of individuals, who were trained into Guides or cultural mediators involved in this network is over a hundred newcomers, who have different cultural and professional background.

The main objectives of the network is, as well as its member projects, to diversify the museums structures by including people with migration backgrounds, thus different perspectives and to provide a safe space to engage in intercultural dialogue between both newcomer community and local community while exploring art, history and even one’s own cultural heritage.

Our partners in the International Multaka Network:

Italy – Florence: AMIR / Accoglienza, Musei, Inclusione and Relazione

Italy – Turin: My Museo Egizio. Migrant women tell about the Museum 

Switzerland – Bern: Multaka. Refugees present the museum 

United Kingdom – Oxford: Multaka-Oxford