Multaka Oxford

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Multaka-Oxford is a programme delivered jointly by the History of Science Museum and the Pitt Rivers Museum. Starting in 2017, Multaka-Oxford creates cultural places where people can meet and share experiences, knowledge, heritage and skills together.  The programme develops collaborative volunteering activities to enhance the understanding and use of museum collections, and to aid intercultural dialogue and two-way integration. The project has focused on two collections (Islamic astronomical instruments and textiles from the Arab World) as a platform to find personal connections between objects in the museums. Volunteers have been using collections to curate and share objects, stories and narratives from their cultural heritages. So far the vibrant programme has included: enhancement of object records on the museums’ databases, museum tours, a co-curated exhibition, a cross-sectoral networking day (bringing in professionals from the volunteering, refugee and heritage sectors), high profile public events, English language courses, performances, a fashion show and a blog which captures the team of staff and volunteers’ perspectives.

History of Science Museum
Pitt Rivers Museum

Nicola Bird – Project Manager for Multaka Oxford