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“Walking on broken glass”

A world without glass is hardly imaginable. The origins of the glass production are found in the Middle East, from where this fascinating material was found in all modern civilizations. Despite their fragility, carafes, decorated cups and bowls as well as mosques, jewelery and even fragments of a glass floor in the Museum of Islamic Art can tell stories of an ancient cultural transfer between the Middle East and Germany. On the first day of our workshop, the participants got to know these fascinating objects and were inspired by their richness in shapes and colors.

On the following day, the participants learned how to make molds from plaster and then blow in glass, how to make mosaics from glass, or how to paint on glass. These special methods have a centuries old history and are still very common today. The participants have learned to assist the glassblower and were thus interactively involved in the process. The production of the glass objects took place in the workshops of our cooperation partner Berlin Glas e.V.

“I’m always interested in trying new things, especially involving the arts. (…) It is mind- blowing and it’s magical. There was an old factory, that made glass in Damascus. And this workshop reminds me of that place and it’s a very special place. And glass blowing requires team work and it’s really beautiful to have people, that you didn’t knew to help you doing these gorgeous things. You have these flashbacks about your home country and then you see this in Berlin and then you go to a workshop to do this – let’s say “traditional old stuff” – in a really modern way with a group of people. It’s a really great combination of these three things.” 

Aram (Workshop: “Walking on broken glass”)

© Jean Baptiste Moussarie