Multaka Guided Tours

From now until October 17, 2021, you can book Multaka tours in the special exhibition “There is a place on earth for everyone. Contemporary Script Art by Hassan Massoudy” in the Museum for Islamic Art.

Hassan Massoudy, born in 1944 in Iraq, is a French based painter and calligrapher. His work combines modern and traditional calligraphy styles and depicts a variety of proverbs and phrases from poets and philosophers throughout the centuries. Most prominently of his calligraphies are the large-size papers, the luminous intensity of color, and the liveliness of his script art. To experience the creative impact of his work, you are warmly invited to join our Multaka tours in the Museum of Islamic Art. We will focus on his compositive techniques and themes as well as the aesthetic of the Arabic script and its meanings. The Guides will offer you their personal views of the artworks, which will then be combined with dialogues about Massoudy`s contemporary script art. Come by for a visit and be part of thrilling dialogues.

Form: The tours (1 hour) are bookable in Arabic, English and German and are free of charge for Arabic speaking groups!

Contact: Send us an email or call us (0176 34 17 69 98) and book your tour directly!

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