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AMIR / Accoglienza, Musei, Inclusione and Relazione (Reception, Museums, Inclusion and Understanding) is a joint project overseen by the Municipality of Fiesole, the Municipality of Florence, Associazione Mus.e, Istituto degli Innocenti, Fondazione Primo Conti and Stazione Utopia.

Launched in September 2018, this project has trained 40 foreigners from 20 different countries —some of whom are long-time residents, while others are refugees—to lead visits through some of Florence and Fiesole’s principal museums. The concept for AMIR derived from the desire to find a way for foreigners to be able to not only visit our museums, but also train them to lead guided tours to Italian, European and extra-Eu visitors. This opportunity essentially transforms them into active stakeholders in narrating our common cultural patrimony. In the summer of 2019, Amir | like travelling seeds, a special edition of the project, was launched.  This tour, in collaboration with Boboli Gardens and the Botanical Garden in Florence, explores the botanical and cultural diversity that resulted in gardens as well as their impact on cultures, cultivations, arts, and cuisines.

Museo Civico Archeologico e Area Archeologica, Fiesole
Museo Bandini, Fiesole
Museo e Giardino Primo Conti, Fiesole
Museo di Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze
Museo Novecento, Firenze
Museo degli Innocenti, Firenze

Giardino di Boboli, Firenze
Orto botanico, Firenze
Collezione Fondazione CRF

Chiara Damiani – Stazione Utopia, Firenze

Facebook: @amirmuseums